Admission to Kids First is based on a rolling enrollment system. Parents may enroll children at any time. However we strongly encourage parents to enroll children at the beginning of the academic calendar or at the beginning of the term. Acceptance is based on space availability. A registration fee and a deposit are required to enroll all children and guarantee placement at our centre. All necessary forms are required to be completed in the first week a child attends class.

Where places are available, admission of a child into Kids First is subject to an initial assessment. An offer of admission to our centre is also based on the belief that a child will benefit from the curriculum offered and that his/her admission will not have a detrimental effect upon the education of existing learners. It is possible that a child is accepted on conditional status, subject to the centre's terms, conditions and admission policy.

Payments of fees can be made in cash or cheque. All cheques are made payable to "KIDS FIRST ENRICHMENT CENTRE"

For walk-in enquiry, prior arrangement has to be made either by e-mail or phone calls. Walk-in enquiry is available during non-school hours and Saturdays. This is necessary in order to create a safe environment for children under our care.