Our Beliefs & Values

We believe in equipping the essential skills in our learners in order to develop a lifelong learner in them.
Our learners will learn through inquiry and participate in inquiry-based lessons that encourage them to ask and seek answers to questions. Learners are encouraged to reflect on their learning. We also encourage them to be life-long learners as they seek to make sense of the world around them.
In order to achieve the goal of developing skillful life-long learners, we are committed to develop the Essential Skills and the 6 Traits of The Life-long Learners.

The Essential Skills
Communication- Able to express ideas, opinions and thoughts effectively in verbal & non-verbal way. Being an effective listener as others speak.
Social  -Able to accept responsibilities shows respect to others, cooperative and easily adapting to different roles in different social settings.
Critical thinking – Able to acquire, comprehend, analyse critically and apply the knowledge learned. Making judgements and choices from two or more different point of views.
Inquiring - Able to formulate questions, using all the five senses to explore the nature. Collecting, recording, organizing, interpreting and presenting data.
Self-Management-Exhibits good control of gross & fine motor skills, able to organise ones’ conduct and behaviour, good time-management skill.

The 6 Traits of The Lifelong Learners

1) Thinker - They uses the mind creatively and critically to recognize and solve problems.

2) Inquirer - They are curious and inquisitive traits that lead them to explore the world around them by either experimenting or asking questions.

3) Independent - Able to think and act independently and making their own judgments based on thorough considerations.

4) Reflective - Able to assess their own learning and experience. Able to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and improve from there.

Committed - They are determined to continuously seek knowledge and accomplish tasks presented to them regardless of the adversity and challenges.

Balanced - Lead a balanced lifestyle and have fair and just judgment on issues.

Behind The Scene
Kids First is staffed by two fully qualified Early Childhood Educators; both are Early Childhood Education graduates from International Centre For Montessori Studies, UK and diploma holders of Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers. This is enhanced by their experience as early years’ teachers in both local and international school settings.